Pearson Sri Lanka: Are you planning for your future?

Pearson Sri Lanka

It may sound like a cliché, but education is your pathway to a successful future. At the Colombo School of Construction Technology (CSCT) we believe in learning and helping young people reach their true potential. Together with Pearson Sri Lanka we offer accredited Edexcel and Pearson qualifications that lead to university level studies and thereafter employment. These are qualifications that are internationally recognised and help you become employable anywhere in the world of construction.

Why are qualifications important?

There is a long drawn out debate regarding educational and professional qualifications vs work experience, as to which makes you more employable. Both contribute towards making you a good potential as an employee. However, if you are young and looking for your first job, then having recognized academic and/or professional qualifications are a prerequisite as they bring you to the notice of possible employers. This in turn leads you to be earmarked for interviews.

Despite your lack of work experience, your higher education proves that you have the ability to think, calculate and have the skills to solve problems professionally. It also shows your willingness and dedication towards achieving your goals. Studying and gaining qualifications changes you, it matures your outlook and trains you to think smart in various situations for viable solutions. This foundation you put to use to gain employment and then gain work experience. When both factors are combined together you become a much sought-after professional in your chosen field.

It enhances your CV and puts you ahead of the rest

When you are just starting out, your CV will look relatively empty except for your school achievements. And while those may be many, it does not reflect your ability to function in a work environment. When you have educational and professional qualifications, it proves that you have the necessary knowledge and foundation to adjust to a professional work life. You have the knowledge necessary to function successfully along with potential for growth within the company. Organizations look for long term potential, as they invest a lot with each new hire and like to see a viable return.

Unique career opportunities

When you study and achieve qualifications in areas such as construction, you are setting the ground work for unique career opportunities. This will ensure that you are in high demand with a good flow of rewarding employment possibilities. Construction is an interesting and growing field with modern constructions upping the level of the game. It is a field with many areas, from innovative designing, to installation and a host of other areas, construction requires a sound in depth knowledge to handle the modern requirements of today’s world. By having a background education and qualifications in construction, you are giving yourself an automatic entry pass into this exciting career. In the recent years, construction has grown globally as well, which further increases your employment choices.

Choose qualifications that carry weight both here and abroad

At CSCT we offer internationally recognised and accredited Edexcel (Pearson) BTEC and Undergraduate programmes awarded by the University of Salford, UK. Qualifications from recognized universities and institutes need no further clarifications. No matter where in the world you seek employment, your qualifications will speak the right language and gain access to many career opportunities. This is because these courses are designed with a strong work-emphasis and provide you with the practical knowledge and skills relating to the real world. You gain a thorough foundation in both the theories and skills development, which are the perfect leverage to secure employment.

When you follow the courses we offer, you also develop the art of understanding new concepts and methods quickly and learn to work with them efficiently. They are created to help students develop their thinking techniques.

Spending on education is money well spent

When you spend on your education you are making an investment. You are investing in developing yourself with skills and knowledge that will be with you forever. You are building your future with a solid foundation as the base. If you are looking for a path forward why not check out the options we offer along with Pearson Sri Lanka to get Edexcel and Pearson qualifications and start on your journey towards a successful future.

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