How do HND courses help secure your future?

What are Higher National Diploma or HND Courses? They are defined as work-related courses provided by higher educational institutes, which can be followed immediately after your A/L exams. The Edexcel Person HND qualifications offered at CSCT have been developed together with businesses and organizations, to ensure their relevance to today’s corporate world. They provide you with knowledge and skills that employers look for, so that even if you have no prior work experience, your CV will stand out as a potential employee.

These are relevant qualifications

By working in collaboration with companies and organizations, the developed HND courses on offer qualifications that have relevance in the real world. The curriculum you follow includes modules that are more in keeping with the requirements of modern workplaces. Students who follow Higher National Diploma courses are prepared practically and not just with theories, to face the challenges of a real work environment and adapt to arising situations. This is why, employers searching for new and young recruits prefer those with such qualifications, as they know that these individuals can be relied on to deliver and will grow as an asset to the company.

The perfect combination of academic knowledge and practical know-how

This is especially successful when you take the construction field into consideration. The HND courses in construction that we offer help students combine that academic knowledge with know-how to convert it to practical use. There are practical elements included in the modules that encourage and guide students towards applying the theories they learn in real world situations. As a student, you gain practical insight into what will be expected of you in a workplace.

This is why employers recognize the benefits of HND qualifications

Nowadays, students are more aware of the options they have and put a lot of thought into the courses they choose. Which is why more and more students are appreciating the exciting opportunities offered to them in the world of construction. By following the globally recognized courses offered at CSCT in the field of construction, these students go on to be sought after employable young adults. Across the world, these HND courses are well received as preparing and equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform and develop in real workplace situations and in the global market. This is because the courses have been created taking genuine employer input into consideration.

Employers both locally and globally, understand that students who have HND qualifications are geared to thrive in the modern work environment and become a genuine asset to any employer. They are able to face situations with confidence and provide productive input, necessary qualifications to function in the modern fast paced corporate world.

Highlights your determination

When you are new to the world of employment and trying to be noticed by potential employers, an HND qualification demonstrates your perseverance and determination towards achievement. It also gives a clear picture of your skills development, training and knowledge and acts as proof of your ability to function positively in a work environment. It is the perfect basis from which to slowly build a solid work experience portfolio. To stand out amongst the competition you need to give yourself a competitive edge and that is just what these qualifications provide you with.

Why is the field of construction a good career choice?

If you take the world of today, an unmistakable fact is that the modern construction business is thriving. There are new requirements and adventurous new methods used in the field that has taken the study of construction to a whole new and exciting level. Also as the field grows the requirement for professionals and experts in the field, grows.

By following the Higher National Diploma level courses CSCT has on offer, such as HND in Construction and the Built Environment (Building Services Engineering), HND in Quantity Surveying and Construction Cost Management and HND in Construction and the Built Environment (Civil Engineering), you are well on your way to setting the groundwork for a successful career and future. The management and faculty members at CSCT are professionals armed with a wealth of real-world and teaching experiences, so that students receive hands-on learning experiences backed by relevant and up to date course material.

You will find that you are in demand both locally and globally with many career opportunities. Why not find out more details regarding the HND courses and start on an exciting new path today?