Thamindu Lorensu Hewa


My dream was to become a Professional Quantity surveyor; and Colombo School of Construction Technology is the place made my dream come true.
I needed to get a good start therefore I decided to join CSCT; which is one of the best decisions I have made. I was in the 4th batch of the HND in Quantity surveying course and when I started, though it was totally a new environment for me, I never felt uncomfortable. The staffs, management and the lectures were so friendly.
The best thing about CSCT is that they have the people who are willing to help you and treat you with professionalism and understanding. This is a place where we get the opportunity to meet and discuss with most of the professionals and the leading roles in the Sri Lankan construction industry as well as the international industry. As a result of this I was able to work in a Leading consultancy firm in Sri Lanka and also to work in Qatar.
On the other hand you feel that you are not just a student in CSCT, you are a part of CSCT. One reason for this is the active Student Council they have. I was the secretary of the student council in 2011. By being a member in the council, the activities organized, International tours took part made the CSCT experience a memorable one.
With all these reasons I had no hesitation to start the BSc. in Quantity Surveying program as a student of the 1st batch. Now since I am in the final year I have nearly 5 years of experience with CSCT. In terms of quality education, educational support, professionalism, I cannot recommend any other related institutions other than the Colombo School of Construction Technology.